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We are aware of the importance of the quality of translations as well as fast and effective communication with customers.

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Whatever your requirements, you can count on our global network of professional translators. Our team is always on-hand to provide high-quality translation services. Lyngva specializes in translations between English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Scandinavian and Asian languages.


Years of Expertise

We specialize in supporting the customised business model whereby language service providers and clients receive a swift response.



Our teams provide specialist services including translation, localization, editing, proofreading, transcription, DTP, language technology and LQA.


Projects Completed

To date, we’ve served over 6,000 brands worldwide from various industries including technology, marketing, legal, finance, etc.

Our Company History

  1. Lyngva foundation and creating powerful translating network

    Lingua company became a member of internationally known association of companies engaged in translation, internationalization, localization, and globalization industry. The association is called GALA. It gave us the opportunity to learn the experience of world's industry leaders, participate in the international conferences, receive key industry news

  2. Lingua Translating create department incorporating End-to-end solutions

    In June, when we began knocking on the doors of judges and attorneys while looking for our first interpreting work, we had no idea we were about to build one of the world’s most authentic and impactful language companies.

  3. The document translations department was created

    The Document Translations Department was created and the company finally hit $5,000 in sales for translations in one month.

  4. The company continued to grow, offering translations to multinational companies

    The company interpreted for the Noriega Trials and Miss Universe. The first project management system, ALphafour, was also implemented. The company continued to grow, offering translations to multinational companies and handling large scale projects.

  5. The company was ISO 9001 certified

    The company grew from 50 employees in 2000 to over 100 in 2010 with the addition of the website translations department and a state-of-the-art in-house studio. The company was ISO 9001 certified and moved to its new headquarters in Coral Gables, FL.

  6. The company launched dynamic new identity

    In November, Lingua announced the unveiling of its new brand and website, which captures its spirit as a results-oriented, forward-thinking language company, known for successfully solving complex language challenges.


Logistics Solutions to Help Businesses from End to End

Moovit invest time and expertise to fully understand your business before designing plans to improve your supply chain. We take responsibility for the performance of all our suppliers and for ensuring the availability of resources and equipment needed to control the flow of goods under our charge.

What We Do

Lyngva provides a range of customised, affordable translation and localisation services to suit your multilingual needs.

Who We Help

Lyngva specializes in translations between English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Scandinavian and Asian languages.

Why Choose Us

We help clients succeed on global markets by providing them with the best possible language services.


"I had a really good experience with Translation Services 24. The translation was perfect and delivered timely both via email and via post."

Angela Henderson Pynchon
CEO, Lerato LTD

“The service was quick, reasonably priced and the translation seemed perfectly fine when I received it. I have no complaints at all.”

Leo Benderson Linchin
CEO, GeoBoost LTD

“Very efficient services and responded to my emails very promptly. I was very pleased with the service provided.”

Franchesca Barton
CEO, FT-Commerce LTD

“Great, easy to use, fast service. We used them for our wedding certificate translation. Excellent and would niet hesitate to use again.”

Howard Fidelstain
CEO, LimPack LTD

Global Language Coverage Experts in Over 170 Languages

We operate from London, UK and Chisinau, Moldova with representations in Berlin, Paris, Milan and Madrid. Right from the start we have welcomed large and small clients, from corporations to one-man consultancies.







Our Professional Translators are Native Speakers

Lyngva is a professional translation company which offers exceptional language expertise services. We have experienced team, flexible prices, and international quality certification.

University Of Tokyo Press

Overcoming the three-way challenges of translating a multidisciplinary, multi-author project in the most difficult language pair.

Leading Academic Publisher

Under double back translation, the project required us to first forward translate the English text into Japanese and then back translate the Japanese translation into English.


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