Language Industry Professionals Polled on Their ChatGPT Use

Large language models (LLMs) are a field of study in their own right, as a multitude of studies in academia and industry attest. ChatGTP, HuggingChat, BloomChat and other models have become familiar names, but it also seems like a new “chatty” LLM is released about every other week. 

Of late, the chat capability in an LLM (i.e., prompt the LLM and get a translation or an answer —in many languages) is the foundation on which products are being built or rebuilt left and right, and industry threads are being sparked in social media.

Like most of the [connected] world, surely Slator, Language Industry Intelligence, readers are interacting with these chat LLMs … or are they? We wanted to know if this was the case and how often. Surprisingly, the majority of respondents have never used them (46.9%), a quarter (25%) rarely use them, less than a quarter use them weekly (21.9%), and only a few use chat LLMs daily (6.2%).

By Rocío Txabarriaga