Guinness World Records

Kadokawa corporation effectively translates its Guinness world records book.

Guinness had set a launch date in Japan. The Japanese version had to release soon after the English version. It would take more than a year for a single translator to complete this >200,000-word book translation. However, Ulatus was given the challenge of translating the entire book in only One Month!

Project main goals

The book covers a number of record-breaking facts and achievements. One of its vital characteristics is the sheer amount of numbers. Translation of BIG numbers such as u201cmillion,u201d u201cbillion,u201d and u201ctrillionu201d calls for extreme focus and care. Even the most seasoned translator can falter here because of the difference in the English and Japanese numeral systems. Any incorrect number or mistranslation would have severe repercussions and adversely affect the reputation of the Guinness brand.

Lyngva Solutions and Results

We ensured all 14 translators worked in tandem and used common terminology and expressions wherever possible. We made a Translation Glossary for all common terms. All translators followed the glossary religiously as well as added new terms to the list.


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