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World's reputed academic publisher approaches Ulatus for double back translation

Under double back translation, the project required us to first forward translate the English text into Japanese and then back translate the Japanese translation into English using a different translation team without referencing the original text. Then, by comparing the source and back translated English version, we had to make the Japanese translation precise.

Referencing Instructions for Translating Terms

Each file had specific instructions for explaining the context, style, and the requirement. Many minute details had to be referenced for translating the questionnaire and the report.

Terminology management using Multiterm

We first translated all the English terms used in the Psychometrics test and the report into Japanese. Since accuracy and precision were highly important, we discussed the list with the client over a few round and finalized it. Multiterm was used for creating and managing terminology. We initiated a special recruitment process for hiring translators who were experts in Psychometrics. We already had some translators in this field but we wanted to try getting even better translators.


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